Welcome To The Academy
affiliated to E.G.K.A, Sensei Ernie Molyneux 7th dan karate,
Mo Teaque Worldcombatarts MMA, Peter Consterdine-Geoff Thompson,
British Combat Association


The Academy was founded in March 2003 and now has two Dojo's (place of training). One for the young adults aged 5 to 13 on a Wednesday night at Creekmoor Youth Centre. This is Karate based. For the adults (14+) we have two lessons a week, Wednesday night - Karate and Friday night - Mixed Martial Arts both based at Hamworthy Gym Club.


Here at the Academy we teach two styles of Martial Arts one is Okinawan Gojo-Ryu Karate and the other is Mixed Martial Arts.


The Academy believes that it is important we cover all aspects of what is happening in the World today and show our students not just the old style but move with the times. We teach students to avoid confrontation if possible, failing this they will know how to defend themselves.

For more information call Andy on (01202) 600638
or Email andrewcbarnes@ntlworld.com




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